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Superior Strength – Insta Builder Group use 30% more structural material for better strength and structural integrity.
Superior Quality - The panelized building process generates consistent building techniques, resulting in superior quality.
Superior Product - All Insta Builder products residential & commercial are constructed in a controlled environment under controlled conditions.
Flexibility of Design - Every Insta Builder floor plan offers complete customization.
Quality Control - Internal quality control systems in conjunction with third-party agency inspections are performed at every stage of the construction process.
Exceptional Prices - You wont prices like these anywhere else on the market. Aprox $55 per sq. ft.

Excellent Service - Insta Builder's trained service crew is at your service.

Energy Efficient - Insta Builder homes are 65% more energy efficient than the Model Energy Code.
Up To 10 Year Structural Warranty - Every Insta Builder panelized home can come with a ten-year structural warranty for your protection.
Insta Builder Homes - on time and on budget!
Besides having a time honored reputation for quality and dependability, Insta Builder Group also offers these additional services/benefits for the builder/contractor.
Additional services/benefits for the builder/contractor
Reduced On-Site Labor
Using the Insta Builder panelized package reduces the on-site time needed to construct the house and usually with a smaller crew than is used for site-built construction.
Reduced On-Site Supervision
  Only one experienced carpenter is needed with the crew to erect the package.
Reduced Construction Loan Interest
  A faster construction cycle reduces interest on the construction loan.
Faster Profit Realization
  System allows the builder to realize profit faster due to the faster construction cycle.
Reduced Pilferage and Vandalism
Materials for the average house are nailed in place the day they arrive. When the windows and doors are place, the remaining materials are locked inside the house, avoiding exposure to theft and the elements.
Reduced Probabilities of Price Increases
  Guaranteed price and quantities assures desired profit with Insta Builder 60 day pricing guarantee.
Reduced Accounting and Administrative Costs
Manage and control your building business. Avoid the pitfalls of time consuming paperwork, purchasing and supervision.
More Efficient Construction Cost Control
One payment to Insta Builder covers the greatest portion of materials needed for construction. The builder knows exact cost for the carpentry phase of construction. Insta Builder prices are not estimates.
Reduced Office Hours Required for Material Take-Offs and Ordering
Reduced paper processing, ordering, telephone calls for the builder. Minimum files and accounting documents are required to be maintained by the builder's staff. Only one invoice is required for all material in the package.
Less Waste Disposal
  Trash removal and dumpster cost savings due to less job-site refuse.
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