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Complete systems. Insta Builder Fire Proof Panels together with everything else needed to complete a structure - corner panels, fixings, flashings, profiles, sealants, lifting equipment as well as Insta Builder Panel System's first-class technical support - offer systems where imagination is the only limit. These contemporary building systems meet the technical, aesthetic and budgetary demands of all parties involved in a building project.
Tailored systems for specific demands. Each tailored system includes a range of Insta Builder Panels with certain panel designs, surface coatings and stone wool core types as well as fixings, profiles and flashings needed in various structures. Together with panels and accessories optimal detail solutions are provided fulfilling technical and aesthetic demands within the system.
The Original System comprises panels for ordinary external walls, internal walls and ceilings where no extreme requirements exist, together with rational and functional standard detail solutions.
The Facade System offers great architectural possibilities as well as individuality. Specially designed Insta Builder Fire Proof Panels and flashings as well as aesthetic details provide excellent tools for creating fascinating facades.
The Fire System includes fire resistant partitioning walls, ceilings and cladding walls. Non-combustible panels, approved structures and special detailing all together guarantee safe buildings and easy design work.
The Hygiene System is developed for facilities where hygiene demands are very strict. Smooth surfaces, Food Safe coatings, tight joints and special details are the basis for hygienic internal walls, ceilings and external walls.
Acoustic System provides interior solutions for industrial facilities. The perforated Insta Builder Panel completes the system.
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