Insta Builder Advanced Structure Panel
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Advanced Structure Panel
Advanced Structure Panel
Advanced Structure is a quality profile of selected issues, significantly important to structural sandwich constructions, with reference to objective quality measures. Advanced Structure, has been developed as a tool for the customer to ensure that the product he is buying meets the most demanding requirements for load-bearing sandwich panels, representing the highest quality standard in terms of:
Fire Safety
InstaBuilder Advanced Structure results in secure strength properties, reliable long-tern durability and fire safety in sandwich panels. The essential characteristics of Advanced Structure panels can not be identified visually but they can still be measured and controlled in the manufacturing process.
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IPP Insulated Subfloor Panel

Description: This attractive striated insulated floor panel utilizes the Mesa profile on both panel surfaces. The product is designed for interior partition as well as interior exterior floor/wall applications. This Tecfoam panel is filled with non CFC polyurethane modified isocyanurate foam achieving maximum R-values.

Dimensions: Nominal 36" coverage; Thickness (T) - 2".

Material:  Exterior - 26 ga. steel (std). 24 and 22 ga. also available.
Interior - 26 ga. steel (std). 24 and 22 ga. also available.

Finish Options:  Exterior - USDA White (standard)
Dura-20 (silicone polyester)
Interior - USDA White (standard)
Dura-20 (silicone polyester)

The exterior and interior skins are embossed only.

Length: The maximum recommended length is 30' 0". Fasteners: Concealed, 14 ga. steel clip.

Test Data

Test Purpose Procedure Results
Thermal Resistance Determines insulating properties of the panels ASTM C 236
Guarded Hot Box
Good R values for an HCFC Foam System (see published values for panel type and thickness)
Air Leakage Measures air leakage through the panel joints ASTM E 283
Chamber Method
The leakage rate for panel will not exceed 0.01 CFM/SF at 40 psf pressure differential
Water Penetration Measures water leakage through the panel joints ASTM E 331
Chamber Method
No water penetration at pressure differential of 50 psf
Strength Determines the load/span properties of the roof and all
Chamber Method
Panel load/span and deflection tables are available
Ignition Properties Determines ignition temperatures of the panel core material ASTM D 1929 Self-ignition temperature is 860 degrees F.
Flash-ignition temperature is 842 degrees F.
Surface Burning Determines the surface burning characteristics of he
core and panels
Underwriters Laboratories UL 723
(ASTM E 84)
Core Material (5")
Flame Spread 20*, Smoke Developed 400

Finished Panel
2" to 5" Wall Panel

Flame Spread 15*, Smoke Developed 250 - 450

Southwest Research Institute

Finished Panel
2" to 5" Wall Panel

Flame Spread 10*, Smoke Developed 145

Room Fire Test Evaluates the burning of roof and wall panels in a room configuration Factory Mutual
STD. 4880 (1994)
(UBC 17-5)
Panel is rated Class 1 to 30 ft. high, 5 in. max. thickness

*The numerical flame spread rating is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions.

Thermal Properties

IPP Wall Panel

Product Code


"U" Factor

"R" Factor

IPP 200




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